Appreciative Coaching®

Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change: Book JacketBusinesses turn to the Appreciative Coaching Collaborative for solutions when their executives and leaders must rise to the next challenge – whether this is to accelerate the path of high potentials in the organization, step up the performance of strong contributors, or prepare leaders to fill the company pipeline.

One worry of HR managers, even in this economy, is keeping high potentials. These individuals want to see concrete action that shows the company cares about their career, and if they don’t, they look elsewhere for greater rewards. Financial compensation is not always enough if they seek broader responsibility and control. If that option is not readily available, HR managers can invest in further developing these valuable leaders. Offering the positive, strengths-based Appreciative Coaching® approach to these high performers demonstrates the company’s faith and commitment in bringing out their very best.

A second concern for companies is what to do with strong contributors who are failing in one or two leadership areas. Their missteps cost the company time and money and their struggles adversely impact the people around them. Appreciative Coaching® is a solution for inspiring peak performance in these individuals by developing their strengths, moving beyond self-limiting thoughts and actions, and sparking their innovation and creativity – a win-win scenario for both the leader and the company.

A third threat for HR managers and their companies are gaps in the company pipeline which could cause a real crisis any time a senior leader leaves or retires. That’s why many companies do more than succession planning on paper; they actually develop skills with their high potentials and strong contributors that will ensure leadership succession. Appreciative Coaching® builds the leadership competencies that help position the next generation of leaders to succeed.

At the Appreciative Coaching Collaborative we offer executive coaching solutions to help keep high potentials from going elsewhere, to inspire strong contributors to peak performance, and to ensure a fail proof succession strategy. Appreciative Coaching®, rather than wasting precious time and effort on trying to fix leadership deficits, limitations or problems, instead puts attention on generating the desired results. This means exploring the existing and hidden strengths of your executives and leaders and building their leadership capacity for the success of your business. We make sure our partnership with you is:

  • Relevant to your business
  • Focused on the results that matter
  • Producing results that last