Appreciative Coach Training & Workshops

The Art & Science of Appreciative Coaching®: A Positive Process for Change

2-day On-site Introductory Workshop

This introductory workshop is designed for participants to learn about Appreciative Coaching® – an alternative, positive methodology for change that can unleash life-enhancing energy for both clients and coaches. This change process shifts participants from a deficit perspective of individuals, looking at what doesn’t work for them, to one where they focus on their strengths, aspirations and successes.  With this shift, participants learn to build on the best they have to offer and on their own highest desires as well as those of their coachees. Appreciative Coaching® is rooted in the highly successful organizational change model called Appreciative Inquiry, a philosophy based on the tenet that inquiry into and dialogue about strengths, successes, hopes and dreams is a transformational process.

In our 2-day training, The Art and Science of Appreciative Coaching®, we weave theory together with practical, hands-on knowledge. The workshop is highly interactive in its design and includes tools and practical steps for incorporating this proven methodology into any new or existing coaching practice, as well as into one’s own life. The workshop presenters demonstrate the different stages of Appreciative Coaching®.  ICF certified.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Understanding the principles and stages that make up an appreciative stance toward coaching (individuals are mysteries to be appreciated)
  • Applying the science, language and inquiry of Appreciative Coaching® to move from a deficit to a positive belief in change
  • Practicing the art of being an Appreciative Coach through positive language and inquiry
  • Experiencing the positive impact of Appreciative Coaching® through interactive conversations and applying tools and practices

Building an Appreciative Stance: The Art & Practice of Appreciative Coaching®

1-day On-site Advanced Workshop

Our 1-day advanced workshop, Building an Appreciative Stance: The Art and Practice of Appreciative Coaching®, is for individuals who have already experienced the introductory Appreciative Coach training. Participants practice ways to master the stages and principles of Appreciative Coaching® and learn how to apply a variety of positive change techniques, tips and tools.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Deeper understanding of one’s appreciative stance
  • Sharing real-life coaching experiences and learning
  • Incorporating powerful appreciative concepts into one’s own coaching

Appreciative Coaching® Skills for Managers

1- or 2-day On-Site Workshops

These workshops are a professional development opportunity for corporate managers and Human Resource professionals to learn about the approach and practical benefits of employee coaching from a positive perspective. Appreciative Coaching® is a research and evidence-based model of individual change, which has been presented to managers and HR professionals nationally and internationally. It is strength-based and transformational in how it approaches individual and group change. The coaching framework equips managers and HR professionals with practical tools and skills to inspire peak leadership performance within the company. The workshop provides participants with the science, language and inquiry to help others shift from a deficit perspective of change to one that engages them in positive inquiry, action and results.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Understanding basic coaching concepts within the Appreciative framework
  • Practice in applying tools and principles
  • Strengthening of the coaching role in managerial experience

Appreciative Coach Online Training

An 8-week online blended course on Appreciative Coaching® is offered annually through the Fielding Graduate University. The course includes two telephone training sessions and four one-on-one coaching sessions between paired participants. This course draws both national and international participants and is ICF certified.

Workshop Audiences: All of these workshops have been offered nationally and internationally to a broad range of clients including new and master coaches, organizational development practitioners, organizational change agents, managers, and H.R. professionals.