Appreciative Coaching® Engagements

Executive Coaching

We support executives, leaders and business owners from all walks of life in amplifying their voices and actions as they seek to contribute positively to their organizations and the world around them. Customized coaching engagements can include 360 assessments as well as other personality instruments to raise leadership awareness of one’s impact on others and provide a guide to inspired action. The focus is building leadership based on unique strengths, encouraging strategic intent and skills, and inspiring peak performance.

Individual & Professional Coaching

We customize coaching engagements for individuals in specialized fields and for professionals in organizations who wish to develop their professional competencies in a number of areas:

  • Stretching and moving beyond problems and familiar ways of thinking into new directions
  • Generating and inspiring positive change in oneself and others
  • Affirming the best about self and others
  • Acting upon one’s unique strengths, contributions and future desires

The Appreciative Coaching® solution helps these clients to expand beyond a problem or deficit view of themselves and their situation to see and rediscover inner strengths, successes and resources. In “pivoting” their thinking, clients view their situation with new eyes and experience the positive emotions of relief, hope and excitement as they move forward. Engagements can include 360 assessments as well as other personality instruments.

Coach Mentoring in Appreciative Coaching®

We are happy to provide mentor coaching for individuals interested in learning and incorporating the Appreciative Coaching® approach into their new or existing coaching business. Mentor coaching is also a strategic option for Human Resource professionals interested in creating or building an internal coaching program.

Group or Team Coaching

Appreciative Coaching® is successfully applied with intact leadership teams or groups organized around a particular content or goal that requires a positive, inspirational path toward achieving common learning, understanding and purpose. We provide coaching for either virtual or onsite teams/groups.